About Us


* who are we * - Egy Chung Goa Investment is a company specialized in mineral exploration, extraction for manufacturing, import and export, exploitation of marble and granite quarries, petroleum services and land reclamation. Iggy Cheung Goa has participated in building many startups, offering its services at competitive prices to companies all over the world. - Egy Chong Goa started in 2022 in Egypt, as it is a global representative in the field of import and export. The company imports a wide range of equipment, construction and mining tools with international specifications. In addition to assistance services and integration with other projects. Since the beginning of Egy Chong Gua Company, we have been providing the best products in terms of capabilities and technical specifications to be different from suppliers. - We also always strive to provide different and advanced services and products in the field of mineral exploration, petroleum services and land reclamation. Egy Chong Gua Company has great experience in the field of mineral exploration, especially gold exploration. We have an Egyptian-Chinese team with great experience in the field of gold exploration. Where more than one project has been implemented inside and outside Egypt, such as the Hamari site, the Umm Jarayat site, and the Umm Ashira site. We also participated in more than one site in the state of Tanzania. - At Egy Chong Goa, we have clear goals through which we work to provide a high quality product at competitive prices in drilling and exploration services. We always strive to provide a successful and developed work environment for our employees and to build high value for our customers and shareholders. At Egy Chong Gua, we have a clear vision to be the best choice for our customers. ____________________________ Our quality and safety policy They are among the most important elements that we put in front of us in mind and are considered among our priorities that we cannot compromise on at all. We work periodically and continuously to improve quality in a way that keeps pace with the continuous challenges and is in line with the different requirements of customers with how performance indicators proceed and measure the extent of our customers’ satisfaction with the services that we provide And take all precautions for occupational safety, health and safety. ____________________________ *Our goal* We at Egy Chong Goa have a strong goal that will be seen on a long-term basis with many of our customers inside and outside Egypt, and we do our best to achieve this goal to meet the aspirations and needs of our current and future customers. We are also working on developing organized plans through which we seek to expand our activities to cover our services in full. Across the Arab Republic of Egypt. ____________________________ Our vision and mission - Our company is looking forward to expanding in the future developed business with the vision of the country that seeks to apply technology and implement smart ideas in the participation of successful companies in order to bring our company to a global level in providing services of the highest quality and professionalism. - Our mission in the "Egy Chong Goa" company lies in spreading the culture of quality in its true sense in the field of public supplies, import and export, mining, etc., in order to create real competition between all companies and institutions that provide similar services and commercial services, whether they are large or emerging companies, and this is the message that Our company adopts them in order to provide the best services at the most appropriate and lowest cost.